Ultimate Frisbee and Interpersonal Skills

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  • Posted on: 12 December 2021
  • By: AlexMckenzie
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What better way to start the year, than with some teamwork, more specifically interpersonal skills!

We will be using Ultimate Frisbee as our context.

Understanding what interpersonal skills are and reflect on how your interpersonal skills might impact others. This will be done by learning skills, playing games, taking on specific team roles and reflecting how we can become better as a team.

There will be a mixture of practical learning and in class learning, so be ready to head to the gym, outside, or to the classroom.

Our interpersonal skills unit will run for the first seven weeks of the year. THEN we will be spending the last three weeks starting our participation unit, incorporating numerous different sports and activities, that will run for the remainder of 2022. (Linking with units of learning along the way).

We also have an amazing Google Classroom, where all information will be posted.

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