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Course Overview

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What is this course about?

This course is for students who are planning to study Mathematics at a higher level. Three of the Achievement standards are externally assessed and two are internally assessed so this means the course is eligible for subject endorsement.

AS 91027 (CAT ) Apply algebraic procedures in solving problems is externally assessed by a 1 hour paper in September 2022. This paper is set by NZQA.

A graphics calculator is recommended by NZQA.

What will I learn?
The topics in Algebra and Graphs are useful prerequisites to study academic Mathematics at Level 2 and beyond.

The course will be run in term blocks.
Term 1 - AS 91030 and AS 91037
Term 2 - AS 91035 and AS 91028
Term 3 - AS 91027
Term 4 - revision for externals

Literacy and/or Numeracy requirements for NCEA
Where a standard has a “ Y “ in the column, achievement of the standard will contribute to that requirement.

Assessment opportunities
"The following NCEA Standards are available through this course:
NCEA Level Standard Number Name Credits Assessment
1 91035 Investigate a given multivariate data set. 4 Internal
1 91037 Demonstrate understanding of chance and data. 4 External
1 91030 Apply measurement in solving problems 3 internal
1 91027 Apply algebraic procedures in solving problems 4 "External
1 91028 Investigate relationships between tables, equations and graphs 4 External

Total available credits = 19
General information about school policies and procedures for assessment are contained in the school handbook. It is important that you are aware of the school policies about assessment. If you are in doubt about anything please ask your subject LA. It is your responsibility to be well informed about the requirements.

You will be given at least one week’s notice of the exact day and time of a final assessment for the Internal Achievement Standards.

It is important that you are fully informed of the requirements for gaining each grade level. Read the checklist for each standard carefully.
For the internal standards there will be a formative assessment that will be marked in class. This will enable you to see exactly what the requirements are and do further work if necessary before the final task.

Marking will be done carefully and checked but there is always the possibility of an error. After an assessment you will have an opportunity to check your results. During this time you may not mark the paper in any way or take it out of the room.
If you disagree with the marking you can ask your teacher to explain the marking.
When a result has been confirmed it will be recorded on the Kamar school data base then forwarded to NZQA. Assessments will be securely stored until they are no longer needed for external moderation purposes.

Courses offered per block.

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