Personal Movement & Fitness - Athletics, Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting

  • Posted on: 9 December 2021
  • By: DeanCrawford
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Context - athletics, gymnastics, fitness, Olympic weightlifting.

Within this class, we will develop personal skills around individual sports and/or activities. You will be testing your physical limits and sometimes your mental limits. We can measure a lot of these activities for progress based on time, distance, or weight. These will range from athletics events, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, conditioning, and fitness workouts.

You will sweat, puff, and be in discomfort on occasion but a lot of skill development will take place. You will learn about the human body and how it functions. You will learn how to improve your skills with goal setting so you feel confident in your own personal development.

We will be onsite and offsite for our activities. You are to be dressed in correct fitness attire and footwear you can run in.

In future terms I will be providing the below options in my colour block:

Term 1 - Personal Movement + Fitness - Athletics, Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting
Term 2 - Hand-Eye Coordination - Ball & Stick Sports
Term 3 - Combat - Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu & Boxing
Term 4.1 - Fencing
Term 4.2 - SMASH - tackle games - bullrush, rugby league, kabaddi