Energy and the Earth

  • Posted on: 8 December 2021
  • By: MattParkes
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From the beginning to the end. From the creation of the Universe, stars and planets, until the very end of time, when time no longer has any real meaning, EVERYTHING is ultimately about energy and entropy.

An understanding of heat is fundamental to energy transfers around the Earth, so that's where we will start with L1. What is it, how does it move, how can it be generated or lost, and how can those concepts be applied to everyday life.
L2 students will go on to learn how energy and material move into, around and away from the Earth, while L3 covers the Oceans and Atmospheres in greater detail.

Google class code (Matt) level 67: eld44qu
Education Perfect Code: NMR9X4

Google class code (Teresa) level 56: o35m735

Assessments supported:
L1 - AS90951 (Sci 1.12) Investigate the biological impact of an event on a New Zealand ecosystem (4 credits - internal, literacy)
L1 - AS90943 (Sci 1.4) Investigate implications of heat for everyday life (4 credits - internal, numeracy)
L1 - AS90936 (Phy 1. 3) Demonstrate understanding of the physics of an application (2 credits, literacy)
L2 - AS91188 (ESS 2.2) Examine an Earth and Space Science issue and the validity of the information communicated to the public (4 credits)
L2 - EXTERNAL - AS91193 (ESS 2.7) Demonstrate understanding of physical principles related to the Earth System (4 credits)
L3 - AS91411 (ESS 3.2) Investigate a socio-scientific issue in an Earth and Space Science context (4 credits, UE: R&W)
L3 - EXTERNAL - AS91413 (ESS 3.4) Demonstrate understanding of processes in the ocean system (4 credits, UE: R&W)
L3 - EXTERNAL - AS91414 (ESS 3.5) Demonstrate understanding of processes in the atmosphere system (4 credits, UE: R&W)

Assessment Opportunities: