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Modern Physics and then a start on Mechanics

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  • Posted on: 6 December 2021
  • By: gregoryoneill
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Modern Physics (3 credits - internal)
Just prior to 1905 there were only a couple of small problems left to sort out in Physics. Then came Einstein, and he made the small problems big. We'll look at his work and the effects of nuclear binding energy in fission and fusion, we will describe the photoelectric effect using Bohr's model of the atom and look at the wave particle duality in Young's experiment.

Just like last year this standard could be done by a report, however it's much easier (for you too) if it's done by a test.

Mechanics (6 credits - external)
After Modern Physics we'll start on Mechanics. This year it's almost easier. We're looking at rotational motion, which can only go clockwise or anticlockwise. That said there's some 2D stuff too, and some gravity, and some super fun simple harmonic motion. We won't finish it this term, so will work into next term.

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