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  • Posted on: 6 December 2021
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Statistics is a University Entrance course and can lead to careers in Accounting, Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Management, Data Science, and Physics.
A lot of the content involves contextualising and analysing data and reports. This becomes very useful in interpreting media and research yourself for validity.

First off this term we will study multivariate data. In this we will look at one measure across two or more groups. Lots of the work will be done on a computer, so please bring one to class.

I will try and use datasets that are relevant to students and am happy to find data relating to student interest.

The assessment is an internal and worth 4 credits.

NCEA year plan:
AS 91581 Bivariate data 4 credits (internal)
Investigate the relationships of two or more sets of real data to draw conclusions.

91580 Investigate time series data 4 credits (internal)
Look at patterns over time in a set of data.

AS 91582 Statistical inference 4 credits (internal)
Learn two methods commonly used for determining the reliability of statistical inferences.

AS 91585 Probability concepts 4 credits (external)
This adds several more tools for calculating more complex probability probabilities than you have so far.

AS 91586 Probability distributions 4 credits (external)
You learn to use four different models, commonly used in the world, of predicting probability.

AS 91584 Evaluate statistical reports 4 credits (external) - Optional.
Get more skilled in assessing the truth of statistics information. (reading and writing UE literacy)

Assessment Opportunities: