Philosophy: Death to Socrates

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  • Posted on: 2 December 2021
  • By: brentsilby
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CONTENT R13 - due to essential video material. Best age is 14+, but mature 13 year olds are fine.

This course involves the production of an 800 - 900 word essay. If you are unsure that you are ready for this, ask Brent first.

Now for the descriptor
Socrates is known as the founder of philosophy. So why was he put to death? What was his defense? In this course we take a close look at Socrates defense and his reason for finally accepting his punishment. We will then discuss a range of ethical theories with reference to the death penalty. Our central question will be: is the death penalty a just punishment?

Google Classroom
Term 1 classroom code: jbbnsez

Information for Reliever
If Brent is away isolating, students can:

  • Continue to work through material published on Google Classroom
  • Continue work on essay, due 11 March (it is possible that the class will need an extension)
  • Gather information on different forms of capital punishment from around the world
  • Independently find and watch a documentary on the death penalty in the United States
  • Assessment Opportunities: