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HB Pōhutukawa Health/PE Term 4 2021

  • Posted on: 14 October 2021
  • By: SuzeKeys

PE with Dean - Wednesdays 11.20 until 11.50.

MINDFULNESS OUTCOMES (as provided by Erica)
A1 Students will describe feelings and ask questions about their health, growth, development, and personal needs and wants.
During reflection we ask the children to say how they feel before and after an activity. Children are asked to contemplate how they can use the skills we are teaching them out in the “real world” to help meet their personal needs. Finally we ask children to share personal stories and feelings and help them problem solve.

A2 Students will participate in creative and regular physical activities and identify enjoyable experience.
The movement and mindfulness class is filled with creative and structured movement to allow the children both types of experiences. We ask the children to reflect often on these experiences and challenge them to try them at home.

C2 Students will demonstrate respect through sharing and cooperation in groups.
Throughout every aspect of the class we work on teaching the children to show respect and cooperation in the following ways: “personal bubbles” allow kids to respect personal space, hand raising to share, freezing and quiet at the bell so that all children can hear the instructions, quiet during visualization and meditation to allow others a positive experience, reflection about how interruptions/poor behaviour make it difficult for others.

C3 Students will express their own ideas, needs, wants, and feelings clearly and listen to those of other people.
Throughout the class we take breaks to meet as a group in order to reflect and express how our bodies and our minds feel.

D3 Students will take individual and collective action to contribute to environments that can be enjoyed by all.
Respect is a very important component of our classes. The children need to stay on their mats during yoga in order to respect others experiences. During free movement, children are taught to be positive toward others creative expressions and aware while they are moving to ensure no one is injured. We ask that the children are quiet during visualisation and meditation time in order to create a safe, supportive environment for others to concentrate and grow. A safe environment is created and supported so that children feel safe to share and explore.

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