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  • Posted on: 8 October 2021
  • By: KateArmour
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Yoga enables you to centre yourself through āsanas / postures and prānāyāma / breathing exercises. While focusing on the āsanas and prānāyāma, you may find you also become more flexible, stronger, and more balanced, physically as well as mentally.

In our first class, we'll look at our understanding of the origins and purpose of yoga before moving into our practice. Each session after this will start with a quick walk around the block to find our heart beat and to transition to our practice, which will include a range of breathing exercises and postures. I will start by leading the sessions but we can also try out some of the online yoga classes to see how we like them. I will support you to develop your own yoga routines to use at home or in class.

You'll need:
- a yoga mat (school has 12 so email before class if you would like to borrow one)
- a water bottle
- comfortable clothes you can move around in

Notes: I have practised yoga for more than 20 years but have never taught anyone else, so this is my 'kaha' this term. Please be honest and patient with me.