Vegetable Appreciation Course

  • Posted on: 30 September 2021
  • By: BethanyManders
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Vegetables! Yum, but lots of us don’t actually know that, and we're going to learn! In this course, we’ll learn how to make veggies delicious and how to appreciate them for how well they feed our bodies!

There will be an expectation of you to eat veggies in this class. You won’t be required to love them, but you will be required to try them. Come with your best ideas for how to make healthy food exciting, and also a keen willingness to try new food!

An important aspect of this course is health and safety in the kitchen, and you will be expected to follow these instructions very well. Many of the activities will involve sharp knives and cooking with gas. The kitchen is dangerous if we are unfocused, so you will be required to demonstrate your ability to concentrate and work safely.

If you weren't in a cooking class with Beth in Term 3, please come and have a chat before joining.