2021 T3 Reading Level 1

  • Posted on: 9 August 2021
  • By: PetaBerry

At NE level we are learning that the picture in the book relates to the text, the difference between letters and words, and how we can use the picture and the beginning and end sound of the word to help us decipher the text. We point to each word as we read them. This helps us to recognise different words. We learn about the different parts of the book eg front cover, title page back cover, author and illustrator. We slowly start learning some high frequency words (HFW) such as I, is, to, the, am, and etc. Sometimes we write them on a white board in reading. As we move on to more complex words we start looking along the whole word and using all the sounds as well as the picture. We also check that what we have said makes sense.

How you can help your child at home:
Read with them most days.
Get them to point to the words as they read.
Tell you the name and the sound of the letter.
Begin to identify words

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