HB Pōhutukawa Literacy Term 3-4 2021

  • Posted on: 4 August 2021
  • By: SuzeKeys

Due to Lockdown in term 3, we did not get to complete our Narrative Writing focus and will continue with this in term 4.

We will look at narrative for our literacy focus this term. The basic purpose of narrative is to entertain, to gain and hold a readers' interest. However narratives can also be written to teach or inform, to change attitudes/social opinions eg soap operas and television dramas that are used to raise topical issues. Narrative stories set up one or more problems, which must eventually find a way to be resolved.

Over the course of the term, we will:
- consider various narrative genres (such as science fiction, fantasy, mystery) - plan, write and edit our own stories that have a beginning, middle and end structure (orientation/introduction, complication, resolution)
- consider and develop the narrative story elements of theme, plot, setting, characterisation, conflict and resolution
- learn about and use the correct language features (such as perspective (first/third person), tense (past), parts of speech (verbs, nouns etc) and imagery (simile, metaphor etc))
- learn about writing dialogue between characters
- learn about using descriptive language to enhance our stories
- publish our stories so we can present them to an audience (using methods including Seesaw, oral presentation to HB or COL and creating books).

We will consider the illustrations for our stories too and do some art around this.

There is a group of learners who closely work with the LAs for extra support - they will engage in a variety of extra workshops to support their learning (including Colourful Semantics, punctuation and other surface features etc).

Reading groups will take place up to four times per week (depending on the needs of the learners).

Handwriting will take place daily - there will be a group of printers as well as a more advanced group working on cursive.

The Steps Web app will be used as a 10 minutes daily self-directed task to support spelling skills acquisition, alongside daily HB sessions working through the Heggerty's Phonemic Awareness programme.

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