200 Excellence Credits Across Levels by Term 4 2022

Why do you want to do this?
I want to do this so that I can get an excellence endorsement on all three levels, and have a reasonable extra amount of credits to increase my odds of getting academic scholarships, and acceptance to IVY League universities.

What will you learn during this goal/SDL?
Quite simply, aiming for consistent excellences will help me learn more, and more in my respective studies.

When are you planning on working on working on this? What colour blocks etc?
All colour blocks essentially, so long as the goal is achieved.

For this goal/SDL I will need.
Nothing more than intelligence and motivation

What LA will be my main support?
All of my subject teachers, but primarily Brent Silby, my HBLA.

How and when will I reflect on my learning?
Either by term 4 2022, or sooner, if the goal is achieved at an earlier time. I will evaluate how I've achieved this goal, the significance of it, and the positive impacts it has on my academic career.

Curriculum Levels: