Sapphire Reading Group 2021

  • Posted on: 3 July 2021
  • By: BonnieDalton

This group has students who are reading from Level 26 up to Level 30+
We started the year looking at a range of fiction, and non-fiction texts of different information.
Term 2 we did a Novel Study on 'Fantastic Mr Fox' then moved to Plays.
Term 3 we will look at developing our research skills using a range of texts.

We will have workshops 2x a week and tamariki will be expected to re-read at home as well.

Use appropriate skills and technologies to locate and use a range of texts for specific purposes
Use a range of comprehension skills independently,
Evaluate texts using set criteria,
Decode complex irregular and ambiguous words using a range of strategies,
recognise and understand the features and structures of a wide variety of text types and forms,
Recognise and understand a variety of grammar features,
Make links across texts,
Use their growing academic and content-specific vocabulary to understand texts,
Interpret metaphor analogy and connotative language.

To Do List: 
Attend 2x reading workshops each week.
Re-read texts at home
Use my reading skills in my research
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