Energy, Simple Machines, Electricity and Magnetism: it's shocking!

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  • Posted on: 16 June 2021
  • By: gregoryoneill
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In this NZC Level 5 science course, students will:

During the simple machines part of the course we'll learn about how the force required to do a task can be reduced by increasing the distance of the applied force. We'll learn about all the simple machines: screws, levers, pulleys, wedges and inclined planes. We'll look at how these simple machines are put together to form complex machines and look at making something of our own.

For electricity we'll learn about the nature of electricity, test different materials for their suitability as circuit components (i.e. are they conductors or insulators?), build circuits and draw circuit diagrams, compare and contrast series and parallel circuits, learn about the nature of magnetism, build electromagnets, investigate the applications of magnets in our world.