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Tā Moko & Kirituhi

  • Posted on: 15 June 2021
  • By: mhu
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Let's look at the carvings on the face and body.

In term 1 we did Kōwhaiwhai and Tukutuku. Manaia and Ātua in term 2 touching on Whakairo which are the traditional art forms of the tangata whenua. Māori art is an abstract art that tells the visitor of what is in the surrounding environment of the local tribe. We will continue to explore these art forms in this class while learning basic Te Reo Māori. We will even look at basic raranga using paper again.

We will continue to work on Pepeha through all the art forms to create your own Māori artwork. If you wish to put your work on canvas you will need to bring your own.

Ngā kupu (the words): Ngā Toi - The Arts; o - of; tangata whenua - people of the land
NEEDS (but not a necessity); Canvas preferably A3 size or larger & any shape.

Wiki 1: Pepeha & basic Māori artforms revised and discussed
Wiki 2: Whakairo based in Pepeha and specific tribes
Wiki 3: Tā Moko and Kirituhi explained and written about
Wiki 4: Tā Moko and Kirituhi continued
Wiki 5: Raranga
Wiki 6-10: Will be determined by the skills o ngā akonga/students.