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A beginners guide to chemistry

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  • Posted on: 14 June 2021
  • By: MichelleVerkaaik
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Zack says that this course is ESSENTIAL for any student wishing to study chemistry beyond Level 1 NCEA. Michelle says that if you are keen to study biology beyond Level 1, then an understanding of chemistry is really useful.

This unit will prepare you for the Level 1 Science external assessment (an end-of-year exam) about foundational chemistry concepts. Students MUST take this course and pass the end-of-year exam (AS90944: Demonstrate Understanding of Acids and Bases) to be prepared for Level 2 Chemistry the following year.

This course will cover the foundations of chemistry knowledge about the nature of atoms and ions, as well as acids, bases, salts, the pH scale, indicators and reaction rates.

Zack has already taught this standard in Term 1, so please check whether you have studied this material previously before you sign up.

Near the end of term we will also start working towards a biology internal - "90950 - Investigate biological ideas relating to interactions between humans and microorganisms."

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