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Advanced DRAMA NCEA Edition

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  • Posted on: 14 June 2021
  • By: AlisterEmerson
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This year there are two distinct streams operating at senior level; 6DRA will create and rehearse the GROUP SCENE (ENSEMBLE) skills; and 78DRA will focus on the ADVANCED skills for SOLO or TWO/THREE person work.

The 6DRA class works in groups and is designed to really build your foundation drama skills in voice, body, movement and space & to focus on the elements and conventions; whereas the 78DRA class expects you to be comfortable in the spotlight in solo or two person scene work and will be working at the NCEA L2/3 curriculum level.

This 78DRA class will complete Theatre Practitioners and Examine a Playwright this term as well as preparing a monologue or devised piece. Or you can be supported to perform in or directing a piece at L2 or L3.

We may also offer opportunities for assessment in Production Technology standards. And/or Theatre Form standards depending on what students prefer.