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Mechanical Madness

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  • Posted on: 14 June 2021
  • By: ZackWilliams
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Topic 1 - Mechanics
Displacement, speed, acceleration, forces, energy - these are all aspects of the mechanics of movement (which is physics!). We will work toward achieving the mechanics external Science standard for (conventional) entry into Level 2 Physics.

Topic 2 - WaAaAaAaAves!
What's a wave? What are the different types of waves? What shapes can they have? We'll learn concepts about waves, such as: waves: longitudinal waves, transverse waves, period, wavelength, frequency, amplitude, speed, diffraction around a barrier, reflection at a plane surface, reflection and refraction at a straight boundary, dispersion of white light through a triangular prism, total internal reflection, speed of light in different media.

Next, let's use our knowledge to investigate wave behaviour in everyday life.

We can look at contexts of students' choice regarding examples of wave behaviour in society, which could include: good acoustic designs of concert halls; transfer of energy in earthquakes; how fiberoptic cables work, and more.

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