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Be an Active Citizen

  • Posted on: 13 June 2021
  • By: KateArmour
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Are you interested in what is fair and not fair? As a consumer, you have great power. Beginning with rights and responsibilities, we'll answer the following questions:

-What are your rights if your brand new phone breaks or your banana is bruised?
-What do you know about the people who made your phone or picked your banana?
-What impact is your phone or banana having on the environment?
-Should you care?

image source:’s-all-good-how-ethical-banana-came-new-zealand

Once you've got the basics, we'll take this understanding and choose an issue of concern to the class. It could be plastic in the ocean, climate change, black lives matter, threats to our plants and animals, poverty or homelessness. You'll tell me. We will then look at how people have responded to this community challenge. Next, it's your turn. In small groups, you'll choose an issue at school or in the community and take action for change.

-Ongoing participation in class tasks
-An individual study on a product of your choice and its lifecycle (e.g., your skateboard, chocolate, hoodie, nikes, ...)
-A group project to address an issue of concern in our school or community (e.g. rubbish, plastic in the ocean, climate change, black lives matter, hunger, homelessness, species extinction...)

Group work
Project planning
Survey writing, presenting results and interpretation of result

Curriculum Achievement Objectives
1) Individual Responsibility, collective action for care and safety of others ( L4 Health & PE)
2) Understand how people participate individually and collectively in response to community challenges (L4 SS)
3) Producers and consumers have rights and responsibilities (L4 SS).