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Leadership and Coaching

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  • Posted on: 13 June 2021
  • By: AlexMckenzie
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Coaching is highly rewarding for yourselves and the athletes that you are coaching. You have the opportunity to see what your athlete's need and can use your leadership and coaching knowledge to help them improve and enjoy their sport.

In this course you will learn different styles of leadership and coaching. You will work with younger students to put these theories into practice. You will run sessions and reflect on your practice.

The level 3 course focuses mainly on different contemporary styles of leadership while the level 2 course focuses on implementing strategies to help effective group function.

Level 2 will also continue working towards their Social Responsibility Unit, and there will be plenty of opportunities while coaching to do so.

The course will run over 3.1 and 3.2, so come prepared to learn and put that learning into practice!

Update: Lockdown learning! We have an added credit bonus.
Level 2, you will have the opportunity to identify how your own exercise during lockdown effects self, others, and society.

Level 3, you will have the opportunity to identify what has motivated you to participate in physical activity to date and what strategies you can employ to continue this participation, for life long wellbeing!