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Taking Action for our Future

  • Posted on: 7 June 2021
  • By: KateArmour
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You've got this! You understand ecosystems and the basics of economics. You know what you and others value. You know the behaviours required to work towards a sustainable future. It’s time to take action.

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First things first. How is your own well-being? This term, we start by exploring possible self- improvement for a short period to see if it is a permanent change we would like to embrace. You could consider ‘no to low’ rubbish living, biking to school, getting fit, going vegetarian, composting, or buying ethical food. Using the “Te Whare Tapa Whā” and SMART goals models, you will learn the skills to set and achieve a goal successfully.

Second things second. You’ve changed something for you. Next, you get to change the world. You’ll choose and research a sustainability issue of concern (waste, food poverty, loss of culture, transport, food, carbon emissions, pest control, habitat loss, fast fashion….), and take action. You are encouraged to work with others on your action. There are four stages to your action:

1) Research your issue
2) Make a plan
3) Carry out your action
4) Reflect and report back on your action

You may need the start of term 4 to finish your social action.

Note: students who have already done one or both of the level one action standards associated with this course should come and talk to Kate about working at level two instead.

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