2021 Term 2 Integrated Lit/Social Science/Arts/Technology/NZ History: One nation of many islands

  • Posted on: 19 May 2021
  • By: MelvaGill

During this term the ākonga will create an imaginary island that becomes a framework for creating:
plant sketches using magnifying glasses for capturing detail and plant descriptions detailing plant properties
myths and legends
social organisations
masks based on Papua New Guinea art work
ink printing of animals
3d animal creation in clay and painted

The ākonga will explore the myths and legends of Māori Tangata Whenua before using the narrative hamburger template to create their own myths for their own island. Students will use compound and/or complex sentences with paragraphing.
Students will also use character webs to develop famous heroes.

The tamariki will use art to express their individuality and ideas for their own communities. This will include flags, currency, masks, ink printing of animals, 3d clay creatures.

Tamariki will look at the way their island has developed in the last 100 years and write a recount based on this. They will use the recount hamburger plan to assist this.

Students will create CLIPS advertising unique holidays on their island and include sound created in garageband to support this.

To Do List: 
Participate in literacy, technology, cultural and art workshops.
LA Code: