HB Pōhutukawa Literacy Term 2 2021

  • Posted on: 18 May 2021
  • By: SuzeKeys

Through the medium of individual inquiry, and using The Writing Book (Sheena Cameron and Louise Dempsey) for specific lessons/support, the learners will do a variety of non-fiction writing to complete their inquiries. There will be a different inquiry-based focus each week for the Monday, Wednesday and Thursday writing workshops, while Tuesdays will be related to other genres (such as narrative, recount, poetry etc) and led by Hannah. Each week’s focus is:
1 - Brainstorming
2 - Questions
3 - Research - Keywords, where to find information, how to use different sources
4 - Research - how to research - keyword searches, contents/indexes, writing notes
5 - Research - undertake research - writing notes, organising notes
6 - Writing - turning notes into useful written work
7 - Writing and Presenting information - posters
8 - Writing and Presenting information - key notes
9 - Presenting information - speeches
10 - Presentations

There is a group of learners who closely work with the LAs for extra support - they will engage in a variety of extra workshops to support their learning (including Colourful Semantics, punctuation and other surface features etc).

Reading groups will take place up to four times per week (depending on the needs of the learners).

Handwriting will take place daily - there will be a group of printers as well as a more advanced group working on cursive.

The Steps Web app will be used as a daily self-directed task to support spelling skills acquisition, alongside daily sessions working through the Heggerty's Phonemic Awareness programme.

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