HB Pātangaroa - Learning Shapes Through Art Term 2 2021

  • Posted on: 28 April 2021
  • By: NadineWalmisley

On Fridays this term we will be exploring 2D and 3D shapes.

We will use famous (and a couple not so famous) artists to explore shape and create understanding of descriptions (including naming), comparisons and classifications.

Week 1: Squares and Triangles - Piet Mondrian
Week 2: Circles - Wassily Kandinsky
Week 3: Triangles - Mark Emerson
Week 4: Hexagons - Max Gimblett
Week 5: Diamonds - Andy Warhol
Week 6: Pentagons - Maurits Escher
Week 7: 3D shapes - Paul Klee
Week 8: 3D shapes - Letha Wilson


Learning Area: 
To Do List: 
Participate in shape art workshops on Fridays
Complete any follow up activities
Explore maths choices related to the topic throughout the week.
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