Design, Make and Innovate Term 2

  • Posted on: 1 April 2016
  • By: jaredgallagher
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Design, Make and Innovate provides opportunities for students to learn and develop design and making skills and knowledge, students will have opportunities to learn design techniques such as analysing design issues, sketching and drawing as a means to generate design ideas, computer aided design and other techniques for communicating final design ideas and workshop techniques for constructing final design outcomes and prototypes.

During term two the course builds on the design work students have generated and developed during term one and students will be completing the construction of their final product design and will be involved in ongoing evaluation and testing as they go. Students will also learn and apply the skills and knowledge and processes required to identify a design issues for their second major design and make project for the year and begin the process of developing solutions to this design issue.

Assessment Opportunities: