Reading Intervention Group (Set 1)

  • Posted on: 24 March 2021
  • By: charis

We will be using printed versions of the SPELD AU free online phonics books until the new Ready to Read, Phonics Plus books arrive from the Ministry in the next month or so.
The purpose of the group is to provide targeted support in word-level decoding skills for early readers using texts that allow the students to use only selected phoneme-grapheme correspondences so that the ākonga can gain confidence and skills in segmenting and blending a limited lexicon of letter-sounds in order to gain fluency. Both of these reading programmes are structured and systematic so that the ākonga doesn't move onto new letter-sounds until they can demonstrate fluency with the exisiting ones.

To Do List: 
Learn the phoneme-grapheme correspondences of /s/ /n/ /p/ /t/ /short a/ /short i/
Learn to segment and blend the 6 sounds contained within this level
To make direct links between reading and phonics instruction
To make direct links between phonics and written language
To sequence events within the text
To make make personal connections with the text and the outside world
To develop reading fluency with the letter-sound correspondences
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