Gateway Butchery

Cody to do this course in term 2 - details:\
Term 2 term time Future Foodies Butchery Gateway Programme:

Store attending: New World Bishopdale

Pants and shirt provided: Yes.

Students to provide: Safety non slip footwear.

Store Manager: Marc Brokenshire

Days attending: Thursday’s (one day week during term 2- 10 days total)

Start Date: Thursday 6th May 2021

End Date: Thursday 8th July 2021

The three units are:
• 497 ( 3 credits level 1), Demonstrate knowledge of workplace Health and Safety requirements
- Identify and describe rights and responsibilities
- Approach to Health and Safety
- Explain risks and hazards
• 30046 ( 10 credits level 3), Apply food safety, contamination and control procedures in a retail meat operation (practical and theory)
- Describe food control plan
- Take corrective action
- Maintain personal hygiene
- Prevent contamination
- Measure and record temperatures
• 11941 ( 2 credits level 2), Establish and maintain positive customer service interactions in a retail environment (practical and theory)
- Provide positive customer service
- Establish and maintain positive customer interactions

Curriculum Levels: