Film Makers & Yearbook Articles

  • Posted on: 16 March 2021
  • By: mhu
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Class continues for Film makers to develop a script, plan a film shoot and make a movie/short-film. Not to forget the paperwork. It is also for budding Journalists to start and work on articles for a magazine or a yearbook.

There can be NCEA Media Studies credits in all levels offered depending on your specific needs and is based on how much of a role a student plays in the planning, PAPERWORK (highly important) and the completion of the film being made. Let us explore the Media Standards together. All levels. Be it in Film or Print media. As a student you will definitely need to be self-motivated and self-directed as there are two areas film and print. NCEA standards Level 1, 2 and 3 can be offered.

The actual outcome of this class is that ALL students will learn at least one of the skills needed for the actual production of a movie or the creation of articles for a magazine or Yearbook.

Print Media
Part 1 - WRITE - Write an article (or two); Brainstorms & Drafts are a MUST!
Part 2 - PLAN PRESENTATION - Design a page (or 4) for a magazine; Write about your design;
Part 3 - PRODUCE PRESENTATION - Design is finished; Write a reflection

Film Making
Part 1 - WRITE - Write a script; Brainstorm, Plan, Craft and Drafts are a MUST!
Part 2 - PRE-PRODUCTION PLAN - Design & Plan to Film; Write about your design;
Part 3 - PRODUCE A FILM - Use a design to finish a film; Write a reflection

All THREE of these parts have seperate credits too!