Who do you think you/we are? Ko wai koe? Ko wai tātou?

  • Posted on: 16 March 2021
  • By: KateArmour
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This course is all about identity: yours and ours. It integrates A/NZ history and society with some health and media studies. First we look at you, the individual: who you are, where you’ve come from (whakapapa and family trees) and what you stand for (your values). We also look at how you are: making a link between identity, values and well-being.

Using historical events (because you asked for history), influential people, values and stereotypes, we'll examine what it means to be a kiwi. You'll also have the opportunity to compare kiwi culture with a culture of your choice.

Source: https://www.nzstory.govt.nz/stories/new-zealands-inside-stories/

Skills focus:
-information gathering and presenting (culture of your choice research project)
-values identification and continuums
-how to work collaboratively as a group
-maps and statistics
-written skills (paragraphs)
-visual skills (cartoons, 'mental' maps, photo/image interpretation)

You'll need to bring a pen and an exercise book although you can complete written exercises on an electronic device if you prefer. Please bring your own device for internet research if you have one.