The Geography of Covid - A Global Pandemic

  • Posted on: 16 March 2021
  • By: CraigPerry
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Covid 19 has changed the world! In this course, we will look at how people responded to Covid and the different perspectives that people hold. For those with NCEA goals, this allows us to complete two internal assessments for a total of 7 level1 NCEA credits. Firstly, we will bring in relevant information about Covid 19 and how different people and nations responded to the pandemic - This is researching. Learning how to find relevant information, cut and past the useful bits, keep references and identify contrasting values and beliefs about a topic. Then we will move on to mapping and describing the spread of Covid and how this has impacted on people around the world.

Note: These 7 Credits count towards Literacy
A laptop for research will be helpful. google classroom will be ssc2s4d

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