Gravity: Don't Let it Get you Down and Modern Physics

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  • Posted on: 16 March 2021
  • By: gregoryoneill
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In the first part of the term we'll work towards the "Demonstrate understanding of the application of physics to a selected context" We'll do this by watching the film Gravity and explaining the Physics (or lack thereof) contained within it.

The assessment for this will be a essay style, but you could prove your points using Mathematics too.

Then we'll look at Modern Physics:

Just prior to 1905 there were only a couple of small problems left to sort out in Physics. Then came Einstein, and he made the small problems big. We'll look at his work and the effects of nuclear binding energy in fission and fusion, we'll describe the photoelectric effect using Bohr's model of the atom and look at the wave particle duality in Young's experiment.

You may also get time to start working towards assembling a report for the Socio-scientific Issue on either medical imaging or nuclear energy.

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