2021 Visual Art HB Tāwhiri/Marama T1

  • Posted on: 19 February 2021
  • By: BonnieDalton

This term we will look at Visual Art, covering Level 1 - 2 AO's.

The first couple of weeks we will focus on doing and reflecting on some art pieces such as the below:

Korowai/Kakahu Cloak
Purpose: Looking at the Māori culture, looking at local artworks, discussing the meaning and relevance of it to us as people in Otautahi and in Aotearoa NZ.

James Rizzi Art
Purpose: Looking at belonging as part of the HB, being let loose to be creative and silly in our art, reflecting on ourselves as people.
Art skills - Art sketching, using vivid, looking at shapes/proportions, backgrounds and using dye.


Understanding the visual arts in context
Share ideas about how and why their own and others’ works are made and their purpose, value, and context.
Korowai Art

Developing practical knowledge
Explore a variety of materials and tools and discover elements and selected principles.
James Rizzi Art sketching, using vivid, looking at shapes, proportions, backgrounds and using dye.

Developing ideas
Investigate visual ideas in response to a variety of motivations, observation, and imagination.
Free drawing in the HB daily

Communicating and interpreting
Share the ideas, feelings, and stories communicated by their own and others’ objects and images.
Korowai Art
James Rizzi art - Self Portraits. To be shared on Seesaw and each student to explain the story and process of their art work.

To Do List: 
Create a self-portrait inspired by James Rizzi style art
Create a Kakahu feather for shared artwork
Reflect on my own artwork
LA Code: