2021 Writing HB Marama T1

  • Posted on: 15 February 2021
  • By: MelFisk

This term we will be focusing on the writing process, particularly focusing on surface features to start off (talk, plan, draft, self-edit, re-craft, publish and share). There will be an emphasis on encouraging tamariki to write without fear, expressing their ideas and telling their stories with confidence.

Each week we will write and choose aspects of our writing that we would like to improve to focus upon, with a focus in this first term on growing skills to identify and correct errors in our own writing. Students will have some freedom to choose how they share it e.g. writers circle, seesaw.

General outline:
Monday - Plan/talk/write.
Tuesday - Edit/Rework/recraft & Publish
Wednesday - (Nature Play day)
Thursday - Share/self-assess/reflect

We will cover a range of genre (persuasive, informative, narrative, descriptive, explanation and recount) over the course of the year.

To Do List: 
Plan my story
Tell my story
Write my story
Edit my story
Publish my story
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