Writing Term 1A, 2021

  • Posted on: 13 February 2021
  • By: charis

This term we will be using our Inquiry of Ko Wai Au to write about ourselves, our country, our city, our school, our whānau our school values and relationships.

We will:
Read stories that help make connections to the places around us.
Create a simple mihi that gives some information about our whakapapa.
Write about our relationship to the things around us.
Write about our school values.
Develop and understanding of written sentence sequence.
Retell events in written sequence.
Use our drawings to support our writing.
Use our phonics knowledge to make connections between letters and sounds.

We will also be doing daily handwriting and fast words activities to support our writing.

To Do List: 
Write a simple mihi.
Reading and listen to stories about our place
Write a recount
Write using our letter/sound knowledge
Write sentences in correct sequences
Draw pictures to help plan our writing
Use the Fast words in our writing
Use the sound wall to aid our writing