Te reo Māori HB Tāwhiri 2021

  • Posted on: 12 February 2021
  • By: BonnieDalton

We will weave Māori language, history and culture into explicit learning opportunities, as well as into our daily vocab and conversations.
We will aim to go on trips out and about over the year to focus on the Māori history of the area, exploring history and artworks around our city.

Term 1

Focus: Classroom language, Mihimihi/Pepeha & Waitangi Day, Daily classroom language e.g. greetings, instructions, farewells.

- Learning about NZ Māori History - Treaty of Waitangi
- Creation of class Treaty
- Beginning own Mihimihi/Pepha, showing my and others Mihi's and then beginning the drawings for their own.

Ask and answer one another about how they are feeling.
I can describe what the TOW is.
I can write my Mihimihi

Focus: Practise sharing Mihimihi & Introducing some new Waiata (relevant to Ngati Tuahuriri)
I can say my own Mihimihi in te reo Māori
I can waiata in reo Māori

Over 2021 Goals are:

Students Can:

Whakarongo - Listening: Recognise and understand simple, familiar spoken words, phrases, and sentences.

Kōrero - Speaking:
- Respond appropriately to simple, familiar instructions and simple questions. - - Introduce themselves and others and respond to introductions.
- Communicate about personal information such as name and home.
- Greet, farewell, and thank people and respond to greetings and acknowledgements.
- Use and respond to formal and informal greetings.
- Imitate the pronunciation, intonation, stress, and rhythm of te reo Māori words, phrases, and sentences.
- Communicate about number, using days of the week, months and dates.
- Specify the date.

Pānui - Reading: Identify letters of the Māori alphabet (arapū), letter combinations, basic written language conventions, and simple punctuation.

To Do List: 
Join in te reo Māori and Māori culture lessons
Whakarongo korero and pānui in te reo Māori
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