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2021 Writing HB Tāwhiri

  • Posted on: 12 February 2021
  • By: BonnieDalton

This term to give the tamariki more flexibility and choice over writing genre we will be focusing on the writing process, particularly focusing on surface features to start off (talk, plan, draft, self-edit, re-craft, publish and share).

Within this, students write a piece of writing of their choice (prompted by LA), and choose aspects of their writing that they would like to improve, they focus on this and self and peer assess their writing and then choose how they share it e.g. writers circle, seesaw.

General outline:
Monday - Plan/talk/write.
Tuesday - Edit/Rework/recraft & Publish
Wednesday - (Nature Play day)
Thursday - Share/self-assess/reflect

We will cover PINDER (persuasive, informative, narrative, descriptive, explanation and recount) over the course of the year.

To Do List: 
Plan my story
Tell my story
Write my story
Edit my story
Publish my story
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