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Respect as leadership goal

Respect is about acknowledging and appreciating the value of others and the value of ourselves. Respect is about showing kindness and compassion, about developing growth mindsets for oneself and with others.

Respect and leadership: Using respect as a leadership goal would involve a person demonstrating empathy and positive regard for others, and for oneself. Respect can be expressed in many ways, through language, demeanour, manner, behaviour, and disposition.

Respect - we commit to honouring the individual while celebrating our diversity. We respect ourselves and each other as we aspire to build an empowering learning community.

Think about how your involvement, engagement and participation has shown leadership through Respect?

Leadership is about exemplifying positive behaviours and dispositions for self and others in a way that support and enhance the values of Ao Tawhiti, for each individual student, learning advisor and members of the school community.

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