Whanaungatanga as a leadership goal

Whanaungatanga is about our connections with others, our peers and mentors, within our community, and across the school and in the wider world. Whanaungatanga is about understanding our roles and responsibilities in a community of learners and appreciating and participating in those communities. E.g: of this maybe role modelling good behaviour cleaning up room, doing dishes, coaching a team, peer mentoring another student.

Whanaungatanga - by accepting the rights and obligations of being part of Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery we develop relationships and a sense of belonging that strengthens each member of our learning community. The relationships we form through shared experiences and working together give us a solid foundation to nurture, guide and direct our students.

Think about how your involvement, engagement and participation has shown leadership through Whanaungatanga ?

Leadership is about exemplifying positive behaviours and dispositions for self and others in a way that support and enhance the values of Ao Tawhiti, for each individual student, learning advisor and members of the school community.

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