Kaha as a leadership goal

Kaha is about accepting challenges and extending oneself and others, attempting new things, having the courage to refine and redefine understandings and dispositions. Kaha is about being open to change and to new opportunities. Using Kaha as a goal would involve a person challenging themselves or others in a positive way to extend or develop themselves. Kaha involves showing commitment and persistence, facing some element of difficulty, challenge or hardship, responding appropriately and positively to those difficulties, of reflecting and reframing the experiences to strengthen resilience and self-confidence.

Kaha - Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery encourages/supports energetic and powerful learning. Our students are courageous as they push the boundaries of their own learning by taking risks and developing their own path.

Think about how your involvement, engagement and participation shown leadership through Kaha?

Leadership is about exemplifying positive behaviours and dispositions for self and others in a way that support and enhance the values of Ao Tawhiti, for each individual student, learning advisor and members of the school community.

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