HB SUZK Writing Term 1 2021 - Report Writing

  • Posted on: 7 February 2021
  • By: SuzeKeys

For the beginning weeks of Term 1 we will be looking at writing reports.

We will use Nature Play, the Beach Clean-up day, provocations in the HB as well as inquiries the ākonga have for their SDL goals to provide the topics for the reports.

We will use Story-telling methods to scaffold our report writing in support of the early writers in the HB. Every learner will craft a report to present either orally or (preferably) in written form. More proficient writers will be prompted to write a report with a simple paragraph structure.

They will write their report with one paragraph to answer (some or all of) the 5 Ws, 1 H (what, where, when, who, why and how). More proficient ākonga will be able to expand their questions and the answers, to explore their topic in more depth.

Ākonga will plan a report using pictures or words, using the Story-telling structure and the 5 w's, 1 h as prompts.
Ākonga will "walk through" their plan to support their memory.
They will record themselves reading their report plan on Seesaw.
They will create a Draw and Tell/Chatterpix clip that presents their report.
They will write their report and edit it and publish it to Seesaw.

Barriers to learning include - low reading levels of ākonga, lack of devices.

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