Year 12 and 13 art - term one

  • Posted on: 28 January 2021
  • By: HollyRamsay
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Term one
Pre-requisite is year 11 visual art, if you have not completed a year 11 art course you must negotiate with a visual art learning adviser prior to entry this course.

NCEA Criteria:
Year 12 and 13 art supports making a body of art work suitable for NCEA at level two and three. You will also have two opportunities to display your work in a public setting (this is optional). There is one internal assessment and one external assessment to complete and it is recommended you work on this throughout the year consistently to get the best results.

Self directed project not for NCEA:
There is also the opportunity to do a self directed course of study this year that does not include NCEA standards but allows you to develop examples of work suitable for you to promote yourself as a visual artist or apply for tertiary art courses at a later date. For self directed students; you will be expected to attend, critique and goal set with NCEA level 2 and 3 students weekly. If you can not manage to comply with course requirements consistently you may be taken off the roll.
* NB: Self directed artists -If you have difficulty attending and at times wish to work your own you must arrange weekly contact with the art learning adviser. This can be by emails and include examples of you work. Email:

The work:
You will work on a theme of your choice supported by an investigation into existing artists, art making processes and art movements. Studying other artists gives you ideas and supports you to move forward and strengthen your own practice. We will regularly discuss social, political, philosophical, metaphysical and environmental issues to support you to put your won work in context. You will develop skills for working independently and learn how to discuss your ideas in a supportive environment with your peers.

The fields/subjects available for study are; design, painting, printmaking and sculpture. You can enter into more than one field or subject for NCEA submissions. Photography is by individual negotiation.

We will start by investigating practical media techniques and researching what is happening in the visual arts today.
Art making is hard work, very rewarding, it also takes time to develop ideas and technical skills, so allow for this when planning your timetable this year. Homework is expected; 3-5 hours a week.

Some materials will be provided.
NCEA Credits available - one internal assessment standard and one externally assessed standard are available for level 2 (16 credits) and level 3 (18 credits)

There will be two opportunities to exhibit your work throughout the year dates to be advised.