• Posted on: 28 January 2021
  • By: BethanyManders
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In this course, we'll learn how to make skilled, yummy dishes from all over the place, whilst learning valuable food/kitchen skills and various cooking techniques.

We'll explore recipes that involve skills you may have never used before, and look at practical ways to cook like homemade versions of things that you can buy but yummier and cheaper! You'll learn budgeting skills, recipes that might become staples for you as you grow up, and how to make healthy eating decisions!

There will be a 50:50 classroom to kitchen ratio in this class, as well as a high expectation of attention and care.

Being able to learn in a specialist space like the kitchen, will involve a high level of discipline that will be an essential component in your involvement in the class. Because of this, there will be no devices allowed in the kitchen, and very minimal use in the classroom, if any at all. Please be aware that you will be required to demonstrate your willingness to learn and follow the rules and regulations that will be in place in the kitchen.

If you like the sound of making yummy stuff and learning how to make all sorts of exciting new things, come along!