Play 2021

  • Posted on: 9 January 2021
  • By: NadineWalmisley

As we all know play is an important part of children's learning and development. In years 1-3 this year children will have the opportunity to engage in invitations to play once they have completed their literacy workshops, while maths groups are running and after must dos have been completed.

Invitations to play will be co-created with the students and will give the children opportunities to work with the NZC key competencies as well as exploring the learning areas of the curriculum in a free way.

The children will have responsibility to care for the environment and will be active in respecting resources and clean up times.

Learning Area: 
To Do List: 
Complete my workshops before I play
Complete any must dos before I play
Use the play equipment for the purpose they are intended for
Use inside voices when playing
Participate in clean up times
Come up with ideas for invitations for play
Ask question, be curious
Remember to use my core values
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