The Making of Aotearoa New Zealand

  • Posted on: 7 December 2020
  • By: KateArmour
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Aotearoa New Zealand. One of the last places on Earth to be settled by humans. How were our islands created? How did people get here? What did they do when they arrived? What were they like? Who were their leaders, and why? These are some of the questions we'll be answering in this term long course covering a brief geography and history of our country.

Image source: By Earle, Augustus, 1793-1838 - Alexander Turnbull Library, URL [1], (Reference No. PUBL-0015-09).

Expect to:
-visit the museum & or library
-make timelines
-research topics of interest to you
-learn basic map skills
-research and present a two minute skit of a historic A/NZ event
-discuss the news (see below)

Looking for good conversation topics? Interested in what is going on in the world? Each week, we'll devote one lesson to a story you're interested in, in the news, exploring the facts, the spin, and people's different perspectives.

The title of this year long course is "Our People, Our Place: Tõ Tātou Iwi, Tõ Tātou Wāhi." We'll look at the geography, history, and the people here in our very own Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Term One: The Making of Aotearoa/New Zealand (Geography & Colonisation of A/NZ)
Term Two: Ko wai koe? Ko wai koutou/Who are you? Who are we? (Society & Identity)
Term Three: Active Citizenship (Rights, Responsibilities and Taking Action)
Term Four: Student Choice