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  • Posted on: 3 December 2020
  • By: SarahHigginson
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Yes, it is time for Sheliah Winn Shakespeare Competition again. This is an opportunity to create and rehearse the GROUP SCENES (ENSEMBLE) entries for the Sheliah Winn Shakespeare Competition. You can be involved performing in or directing a piece, supporting a piece creatively or you can do it all. If you have loads of ideas and want to be a creative force then this is the course for you - or if you have never tried this before and you just want to be lobster number seven in the background, then we can find a role for you.

Ensemble drama work is the ultimate in building and developing your essential skills in drama. This 6DRA class is designed to really build your foundation drama skills in voice, body, movement and space & to focus on the elements and conventions; the ingredients that make the Drama cake! AS A TEAM!

We will be spending time working on your skills as an individual performance in an ensemble situation. Working as a performance group is a great way to experiment with ideas and prepare awesome performances.

The regional competition is on in week 7, so if you are an actor you have to be available Sat 27 – Sun 28 March.

We may also offer opportunities for assessment in Production Technology standards. And/or Theatre Form standards depending on what students prefer.

Note there are some other classes available that may be of interest to you this block which also connect with this Shakespeare Festival. There is a Theatre Design and Backstage Magic class for those who just want to do costumes, set, props or makeup. And the 78DRA class will be working on solo or two person scenes during this term. But 6DRA is the class for the big group scenes.

Assessment Opportunities: