Anatomy, Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology - Golf

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  • Posted on: 3 December 2020
  • By: sarahobrien
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In this course you will participate in a variety of Exercise Science practical labs as well as theory lessons. During the labs you will relate a range of biophysical principles to various physical activities and motor skills.

Level 2 students will analyse a player who is new to golf, who does not necessarily know the correct technique and Level 3 students will analyse a partner who has had some practice of the skill.
To be successful in this course you need to have completed Level 1 (or level 2 if you’re intending to do Level 3) to a high level.

Please come prepared for both practical and theory lessons as there will be a mixture of both.

NOTE: There will be another assessment opportunity alongside the biophysical principles. This is a level 2 assessment and asks you to demonstrate social responsibility across the entire school year.

NOTE 2: There is a cost of $30-40 if you wish to do a practical assessment alongside (L2/3 4 credits). This covers 2 rounds of golf at Hagley Park Golf Course (assessment and practice assessment). These practicals will run on Wednesday's after school in week 8 and 9 (Wednesday 31st March = practice assessment and Wednesday 7th April = final assessment) so please keep these afternoon's free. You are also encouraged to practice in your own time in preparation.