What's your angle?

  • Posted on: 1 December 2020
  • By: MichelleVerkaaik
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We will find out how high Superman has to jump when he leaps tall buildings in a single bound! With just a trusty protractor and some measuring tape we will calculate the height of Ao Tawhiti and other buildings in the CBD.

To do this we will need to learn about Pythagoras and trigonometry - the maths behind right angled triangles. We will also need to learn some new number skills like standard form, significant figures and rounding.

In the second part of this block we will look at angle properties relating to shapes and parallel lines - great for the problem solvers amongst us. We will also delve into some transformation geometry - reflection, rotation, enlargement and translations.

All students are required to bring a 1J5 maths exercise and a ruler to class and will need either a scientific calculator (must have sin, cos, and tan) or a device that has these functions.

This course will focus on the second half of Level 5. So, if you have already completed one year at Level 5 then this is the course for you!