Book to Film (or '5 Minglish')

  • Posted on: 25 November 2020
  • By: richardpitts
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In this course students will study written texts (books, short stories and poetry), and convert them into screenplays, film plans and short films.

These activities are fun, but also require *focus*! You'll be expected to engage in the class discussion, read some things aloud, and volunteer your opinions.

There will be a combination of reading, speaking, drawing, digital art, filming and editing within this course. If you have your own device which is good for drawing or editing, make sure you bring it along (although on-task device usage in this class is a non-negotiable: if you would rather be texting or instagramming or TikToking, then have a talk with your HBLA about making that an SDL activity instead).

This course is targeted at students operating at Level 5 of the curriculum (Y10 on average). Please make sure you've done well at a L4 curriculum course before enrolling in this one (scoring above 4P on an ASTTLE test, for example... or working 'above' the learning outcomes for a level 4 class). Some of the subject matter covered will be mature (possibly R13), and the content will be targeted towards students who are hoping to achieve NCEA standards either at the end of this year, or at the start of next.