Apply probability methods in solving problems / Algebra

  • Posted on: 25 November 2020
  • By: johnschischka
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We will start the term by finishing Probability Methods started in term 1. This topic is really useful for anyone intending to do level 3 Statistics. It expands on the Probability from level 1 and introduces calculating Probabilities using the Normal Distribution, a method that many statistical techniques use in research, commerce and industry.The topic has an external exam in November.

After Probability Methods, we will start the Algebra topic. This course is aimed at students who wish to continue in Maths, Sciences, Computing and Engineering in the future.

Algebra is the language of Maths.

It is a big step up on Level 1 so if you haven't done Level 1 Algebra you will find this very hard.
Algebra is needed for the Graphs and Calculus later on in Level 2 and is essential for level 3 Maths, Physics and Chemistry if you intend to do that next year.

A calculator is essential. A scientific calculator is good enough, though a graphics calculator can save you lots of time in solving problems and in exams.
Algebra is assessed in an exam (91261, 4cr) at the end of the year, and as such we will leave lots of time to go over the topic at the end of the year.

Please bring a quad maths exercise book such as 1E5 and a pen.

If you need to practise some algebra to catch up for this course - khan academy's Algebra One ( is an excellent set of skills.